Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Wisdom of the Deer

- Kent Osborne

…a deer

standing before me


telling me by his presence

through his very manner of being there

what I did


all I could do

what I did

was truly

all I could do

the deer didn’t move

for what seemed like the longest time

kept standing there



as if the fallen leaves

adorning his great hall

were lush earthen carpet

And I had been granted a brief audience

with a nobility

whose lineage was pure and undefiled

and then I understood

the wisdom of the deer

the secret to my own dignity

all I have ever been

is all I will ever need

I must look back

and respectfully awaken the hero of my personal journey

the whole story

imperfections and all

is where the treasure resides

no need to be in the future

out there

in the next big thing

I already have one thing

a communion with my self.

[Note: Originally posted by Bobbie in October 2008.]

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